Receive an overview about our

product range

We supply hospitals, care facilities, outpatient care services, and patients in the home sector.

Delivery Program

Medisan, Sanitätshaus, Handschuhe, Spritzen, Katheter, Windeln, Emlichheim

Our delivery program includes the following products:​​

Stoma and incontinence products
Oxygen and accessories
Healthcare beds
Wound care products
Bathtub filters
Wheelchairs and walking aids
Medical technology for hospitals
Medical technology for senior centers
Telemedicine and e-health solutions
Rehabilitation resources for home healthcare

Beside our core products, you can receive specific medical solutions from us. You will receive an overview below.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us any time.

Medical technology

Among other things, our portfolio includes products from the following manufacturers:

Maquet​, Heraeus​, Johnson & Johnson​, Covidien​.​

Naturally, you will also receive all other suppliers.

Medical Resources

Among other things, this product range covers oxygen and accessories, special food and accessories, wound care products, and stoma and incontinence products.

Patient Care

This product range includes healthcare beds, wheelchairs and walking aids, as well as rehabilitation resources for home healthcare.

Rehabilitation Technology

We offer the following range:

Medical technology, surgical technology, hospital equipment, wheelchairs and walking aids, as well as rehabilitation resources.